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I didn’t know how to title this page… I hate longwinded titles, so this seems simple enough.

I have had a personal account for along time, since around 2012, one that I share just with family and friends. In 2016 I decided to create Postcardsbyhannah, it was a way to document my daily travels really.

I love to travel and found it frustrating not just being able to take off, Instagram allows me to create snapshots of my every day surroundings, even when driving 10 minutes down the road. It has given each of those journeys a meaning, I now appreciate architecture, landscapes, things I would see every day and not even notice before.

If you haven’t realised already, I have a bit of a cottage obsession. I’m not 100% sure how or why that started, but I can’t walk past one without staring in awe. I’ve always loved the idea of what Britain once was, hundreds of years ago. I loved learning about Medieval castles at school, I loved reading about the Victorians and the Tudors, even now I love reading books about Henry VIII and the Royal Family back in the old days! I am fascinated by Victorian London, films like Sweeney Todd and Sherlock homes that show what London was like before the glass buildings, boutique hotels and fancy restaurants.

I just realised how much I am waffling, I must get on top of that…

I have travelled to 31 countries and I plan on visiting many more, Instagram is a place to share my experiences and inspire others. I don’t know my way around a camera, I don’t know how to use photoshop, all my photos are point and shoot and edited on Instagram or Snapseed. I take 90% on my iPhone 6, and 10% split between my Nikon DSLR (I must learn how to use it properly) and my Sony compact.

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Whilst my spelling and grammar isn’t great, and I am certainly not a writer, I hope you don’t mind reading my little snippets of what I enjoy. I prefer to be positive in a world we could all easily be so negative in. Which is the second reason I created my Instagram, it was my choice to stop me searching through a platform full of lifestyle and beauty bloggers, amazingly perfect people that made me feel tiny as an ant. Give me a lovely facade or a blossom tree any day, if I see one more fitness account my head might explode. That’s not me saying they’re a bad thing, they’re not, they also motivate and inspire, but not for me, they just make me feel terrible!

When I go on my Instagram Explore page, I see beautiful vistas, magical castles, and beaches that would take your breath away, that’s how I like it.

So what’s your Instagram story?


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  • wheeltraveler says:

    I just started using Instagram to catalog my travels with my kids. We’ve always traveled a lot and I thought it would be kind of fun to start blogging about the accessible places and activities we’ve found. There is some amazing photography on there. Mine is not! But I love seeing places that I’ve dreamed about going to and meeting new people on there as well.