Cinque Terre: The Prettiest Place in Europe?

Once an undiscovered gem, now one of Italy’s most popular tourist spots, are the five villages of Cinque Terre the prettiest in Europe?

Recently I visited the villages for a second time. I first saw them back in Summer 2015 where I spent five days exploring the region’s colourful streets. I came back this August, this time on a cruise ship docking in La Spezia, so sadly only had one day to immerse myself in my favourite Italian spot!

Below i hope my photos will take you on a journey through the three villages I visited this time in August 2017.




So are the Cinque Terre villages the prettiest in Italy? I can’t say, I haven’t visited everywhere! But they are the prettiest that I have seen so far, closely followed by Lucca.

The downside? The tourists. I guess that includes myself! During the summer months these quaint little villages are absolutely heaving, so if you are planning a visit, try spring or autumn when it is a little more quiet, you won’t regret it.

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