Disney’s Hollywood Studios

I first visited Disney’s Hollywood Studios when I was 5, back then it was called MGM and if I’m honest I don’t remember a thing, other than Indiana Jones almost getting mowed over by a giant boulder (turns out it wasn’t real).

I headed back when I was 10 and the park had grown a little by then, I remember my obsession with the Rock’n’Roller Coaster.

17 years later and I am back again, the first time visiting since its rebranding.

Guests enter the park onto Hollywood Boulevard, a colourful Art Deco street lined with shops and palm trees. If you are lucky you might even spot Mickey Mouse or one of his friends. It is a great photo opportunity too!


Make your way up Hollywood Boulevard and turn left, here you will find a number of 1950’s all American diners.

Echo Lake is a beautiful gathering spot, surrounded by places to eat and things to see. Be careful you don’t forget where you are, as this area could easily be mistaken for California…

Next up are the streets of America, and by this we mean New York and San Francisco. You will know exactly what city you are supposed to be in when you head up this way, and if it is Italian food you like then this is where you are going to get it!

Sunset Boulevard opened in 1994 so has been here a fair while, since I was little even! However, I totally forgot how pink, colourful and beautiful it was! As you walk up the street you get magnificent views of the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror that towers over the park. The palm tree-lined street also leads up to the Rock’n’Roller Coaster, one of Disney’s most popular rides.

This is a park I could just spend all day walking around in, however, my family did want to experience a few rides! My favourite here is Tower of Terror, partly because it brings back such great memories.

Whilst Hollywood Studios is not Disney’s biggest park, it is definitely a must see for those visiting Orlando!

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  • Kelly Leclerc says:

    Great little write-up Hannah. Next time, let’s go together. My fav park as well.