Stephen Creek Guest Cabin

Sometimes staying in your own little oasis is just what you need, and that is what we did. Located in Yoho National Park, neighbour to Banff, the hamlet of Field is the perfect stop off point for those travelling through the Canadian Rockies.

Located close to Emerald Lake, one not to be missed, Field comprises a handful of beautiful homes, a train station, and a couple of restaurants too!

I mentioned Emerald Lake and this was a big pull on why I chose Field as one of our destinations. As you can see from the photo above, it really IS emerald! Unfortunately for me the main park of the lake was still pretty frozen except for around the edges, but it was still a breathtaking place, we pretty much had it to ourselves! There is a trail that loops around the lake, along with a rather well known hotel.

There are some other beautiful spots in Yoho National Park, sadly we just did not have the time to fit them all in. We were both exhausted and felt the pull of our private little cabin that waited for us in a beautiful valley. Within 15 minutes we were back and I plonked down on the chair and breathed a sigh of relief that I could put my feet up.

I honestly think this cabin you could hideaway in for days on end and never really want to leave. You have everything you need, a bathroom, comfy bed, living area complete with a range of provided books! As well as a fully equipped kitchen. We stayed here during summer ad the days were pretty warm, however I can imagine that during winter this spot is even more romantic. There is a big fire in the living area that I desperate wanted to light! It’s not usual that you would wish for colder weather on your holiday, not until you stay here anyway.

The hamlet of Field itself is very small, however there are a couple of places to eat, and there is also a train station! We had a meal at Truffle Pigs that night, about a 5 minute walk from our cosy cabin, we even walked past an elk on the way! However be warned, this is bear country, and lucky for us the kind owner left bear spray in the drawer! We didn’t need it though.. phew!

We were definitely ready for bed as soon as dinner was over, although my husband was completely fascinated watching the freight trains (they are REALLY long), we head back to the cabin and both looked forward to a good night sleep. Feeling cosy in my pjs I read one of the many books on Canada that had been left behind in the cabin, particularly useful as we actually planned our next three days in Jasper from this book. It is the small things that stick in your mind.

That night we slept well, with nothing but the trickle of the river and train horns in the distance, we both fell into a deep slumber. One thing I did notice during my time in Canada is that the days are long during summer, and short during winter. This means we tended to rise and set ourselves with the sun, so we were definitely seizing the days!

Unfortunately we were here for only one night, and we were on a tight schedule so had to leave early on in the morning. However, I would highly recommend this cabin for long weekends, especially if you are a city person! The tranquility and simple life in this little hamlet will make you feel more than relaxed, the ultimate escape.

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