Bradford on Avon and Widbrook Grange

Country hotels are my absolute favourite places to stay and lucky for me Widbrook Grange invited me along to experience their Georgian country house accommodation.

The name Widbrook dates back to the 1200s after the brook that still runs through the hotel grounds. The property, originally a model farm built in the 1700s is now a cosy house with traditional English guestrooms, a number of snuggly living rooms, a restaurant, beautiful gardens, gym and even an indoor swimming pool.

Widbrook is just a short drive (or longish walk) from Bradford on Avon, one of the Cotswold’s most recognisable towns. Built in the same honey-coloured stone that has made the Cotswolds so unique.

The hotel itself offers 19 beautiful boutique guestrooms that have been inspired by the best of the British countryside. The service matches the stunning decor, friendly and inviting, from the reception staff to those working in the bar and restaurant, there was always someone happy to help us.

Oh yes I did mention bar staff, a gin bar to be exact, offering over 150 gins no less. My sister and I enjoyed a tipple after a long day of driving – it was the perfect way to relax on a sunny September afternoon. We had a cheeky sniff of some of the gins and settled on the violet – fresh, delicious and fruity!

We popped into Bradford on Avon for the evening where we had a little peruse of the shops and a gander at the buildings. It is a lovely, bustling town with a lot going on. Whether you want to simply relax and enjoy a country pub, or whether you want to visit places all around the area, Widbrook Grange is a magnificent spot to base yourself. We also visited Lacock, around 30 minutes away, and Frome, around 25 minutes, there are also many other places to explore!

On arrival back to Widbrook Grange we were greeted with a gorgeous sunset so we decided to have a walk around the grounds before dinner.

We ate at Widbrook at the onsite restaurant which offers traditional farmhouse cuisine made with fresh, local ingredients. The restaurant offered a lovely ambience with low volume chatter and mood lighting. Service was excellent as usual, dishes were brought promptly and were beautifully served on each and every plate.

The next morning we head back into Bradford, it is one of those towns that draws you in over and over again. We were also in search of an umbrella as unfortunately, the weather was not on our side on day 2 of our trip. Alas, all the lovely independent stores in Bradford on Avon and we couldn’t find an umbrella? Luckily the architecture more than made up for that small glitch…

Bradford on Avon is relatively quiet in comparison to the other more well-known towns in the Cotswolds, it is also just 11 minutes by train to Bath, making it a much quieter and more relaxing place to stay if you want to include a day visit to the city. It is also a town in which it’s rare to see a chain, other than the Co-op, the majority of shops, cafes and restaurants are completely independent.

This is a good looking town, the George Clooney of towns if you will. There is history in every building and every wall, with a mix of Georgian and Medieval buildings, making it an entirely pleasant town to walk around.

The bridge across the River Avon still boasts two of its original 13th-century arches, but the town’s roots date even further back to the Roman times. Like most of the Cotswold’s Bradford on Avon prospered under the wool trade, many of the 17th-century buildings date back to this time.

Bradford on Avon is perfect for a long weekend away or as part of a wider Cotswolds itinerary. As mentioned before, there are many fascinating towns and villages in the local vicinity so you will never get bored!

You can book your own stay at Widbrook Grange here.

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