Cambridge Photo Tour

Cambridge is one of (maybe THE) my favourite cities in England. Luckily for me, I only live around 45 minutes away so I can visit pretty often. I could write so many different articles on this city I wouldn’t even know where to start, so, for now, I will share a few of my favourite spots. Oh yes, and it is autumn, one of my favourite times to visit!

Oh and to save confusion, each photo refers to the text underneath it 🙂

Magdelene Street, named after Magdelene College, part of the University of Cambridge. This street is filled with charming houses with colourful windows and doors. One of the main thoroughfares into Cambridge, this road will bring you in from the west and across the River Cam right into the centre of the city.

Magdelene turns into Bridge Street as you cross the river, great if you are looking for a bite to eat, this street is lined with some well-known chain restaurants such as Cafe Rouge and Cote Brasserie, as well as some small independent cafe like Fitzbillies, known for its delicious Chelsea Buns!

It is easy to be enticed along the city’s main streets but don’t forget to look left or right because you might miss one of Cambridge’s many alleyways.

St Johns Street Cambridge is in my opinion, one of the most beautiful in Cambridge. If you are interested in visiting some of the uni’s colleges then this is your place as you can access Trinity College, St Johns College and Gonville and Caius from this street and Trinity Street which it leads into. However, it does get a little busy with selfie-taking tourists. Head over around 5pm and it is much quieter.

33 Nobel Prizes have been won by members of Trinity College, the highest of any college of Oxford or Cambridge University! There have also been some pretty famous students here, including 6 former Prime Ministers, Prince Charles, King Edward VII and even Isaac Newton.

Visitors can have a walk around the grounds and a peep into the chapel, however, there is only a small amount of the college you can access, but it only costs £3 for entry!

When you exit Trinity College you will find yourself on the very quaint Trinity Lane, lined by magnificent brick chimneys that won’t leave your imagination in a hurry!

You may wonder where to turn left or right… if you turn left you will find yourself on King’s Parade, a major tourist area taking you along the front of Kings College and up to Cambridge Market and the city’s best shopping areas.

If you turn right up Trinity Lane you reach the impressive Kings College Chapel, one of Cambridge’s most recognisable buildings. Not to be confused with Kings College London, Kings College Cambridge looks out onto the River Cam on one side and the stunning King’s Parade on the other.

The college was founded by King Henry VI who also founded its sister college, Eton, in 1441. Construction was interrupted by the Wars of the Roses so the development was put on hold (largely due to lack of funds) until Henry VII took an interest. The building of the chapel began in 1446 and was completed in 1544 during the reign of King Henry VIII.

The chapel is one of Britain’s finest examples of Gothic architecture and boasts the world’s largest fan vault!

So there it is, a quick tour around some of my favourite sights. I haven’t even covered half the city, I guess that’s just another excuse to go back…

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