Finding the Best Blossom in London

Looking for the best blossom in London? The weather has been a bit odd the last 12 months… we started March 2018 with a lot of snow, summer was the hottest I have ever witnessed, winter was cold, February we saw 20 degrees in London, and March was back to snow again.

It’s not just our fashion this affects, but the flora and fauna too! Because of the unseasonably warm February, spring came to the UK early, especially in London, and the blossom was blooming weeks before usual.

I headed out early March to see the magnolia, for whatever reason, I just prefer it to the cherry blossom. Many people had sadly planned trips in April to see the blossom flowers and unfortunately will miss it, but fingers crossed they can witness the wisteria instead…

If you are looking for an article on where to find the cherry blossom, I can’t help you there as I didn’t look for it this year, although judging by Instagram, I will tell you now to just head to Greenwich Park and you will find some. This is all about my favourite magnolia locations!

The Boltons

Ahh, the Boltons! You may not have heard of it, as I hadn’t until I found it. The Boltons is a residential street tucked between Chelsea and Earl’s Court. The houses here are huge and very imposing but in a very elegant way. The Boltons is not only a beautiful place to live, but a very expensive one, for this is the second most expensive street in the whole of London.

The Boltons was built in the middle of the 19th century by architect and journalist George Godwin on land which was originally market gardens, the street is still set around communal gardens today. There are just 28 Victorian villas along this street, beautifully kept and in a prime location, this is why the prices are what they are, houses here do not go up for sale regularly.

St Leonards Terrace

A short walk from Sloane Square Underground Station and the King’s Road is St Leonard’s Terrace, a quiet residential street facing out onto a park area. This is another spot I could live in quite easily, but where in Chelsea isn’t beautiful?

There are a number of magnolia trees along here, this was my first spot and I loved spending time here photographing the flowers. The street was pretty quiet but there were a few people coming out of their houses, walking their dogs etc, no one seemed to mind me taking photos!

Bramerton Street

Probably Instagram’s most recognisable spot during spring, Bramerton Street! Bramerton Street is a beautiful street lined with very expensive houses, located just off the King’s Road in Chelsea (this is within walking distance from St Leonards Terrace). At the end of Bramerton Street, where the road joins Glebe Place, is a gorgeous magnolia tree that climbs a pink wall. It doesn’t get much more ‘grammable than that does it?

Launceston Place

Back in Autumn I walked up Launceston Place and didn’t take much notice of it, yes the houses were lovely but there are lovely houses all over the UK. I was heading to Kynance Mews which adjoins Launceston Place, a lovely spot to see in Autumn! However, stepping onto this street in March made me feel like I was stepping into a brand new place. The houses had transformed, not because they had been knocked down and rebuilt, but because of the beautiful blossom and magnolia that now hung over their windows!

Victoria Street, Kensington

A (very) short walk from Launceston Place is Victoria Street, another treat for the eyes if you are partial to a few magnolia flowers!

There are other great places to spot spring flowers if you have the time it is well worth a walk around Holland Park and Notting Hill. I wore ridiculous shoes so by 3 pm I was in so much pain with my feet and wanting to go home (I was also starving and desperate for some chocolate…) so I missed out on the Notting Hill magnolia this year! Oh well… There is always next year! ♡

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