A round up of good news stories from 2020

2020, what a year hey?! One that often felt so gloomy, but we shouldn’t let the negativity take away from all the good that has happened!

March 24th marked the end of the Australian bushfires

The New Year news was largely dominated by the devastating wildfires that were ripping through Australia. Then in February, the news changed to focus on a new virus that was spreading across the world, many of us missed the fact the wildfires officially ended on 24th March 2020.

Chelsea Women’s FC donated their £100,000 prize money

When the Chelsea FC women’s team won the league this year, they didn’t hold onto their prize money, they donated it to Refuge, a domestic abuse charity helping women across the UK to rebuild their lives.

IKEA made their famous Swedish meatballs recipe public

I can’t be the only one that likes going to IKEA purely for the food?  The furniture company knew we all needed cheering up when we were in lockdown so released their recipe so we could all enjoy meatballs at home!

A hotel stayed open in lockdown to house homeless people

The Fownes Hotel in Worcester welcomed 45 members of the homeless community into their property during the Covid-19 pandemic. Staff have spoken nothing but praise about their new residents and in return, the residents are doing odd jobs around the hotel to contribute to their stay, one former bricklayer offered to build a brick wall and lay a patio for staff members at the hotel.

An entire community fixed the crumbling home of a 72-year old woman for free

When an electrician turned up at the home of a 72-year-old woman, he was shocked by the state of her house. John Kinney arrived to fix a light when he noticed the woman did not even have any running water, when he left, he rallied up members of the community who installed new electrical and plumbing systems, new windows, and made extensive repairs to the crumbling walls, ceilings, front steps, and porch, all for free!

Renewable energy gains

For the first time in history, renewable electricity exceeded fossil fuel generation during the first half of 2020. Fossil fuel use fell by 18%, and renewable energy increased by 11%.

Gorilla baby boom

A  total of seven mountain gorilla babies were born in a Ugandan national park in 2020 which is more than double the amount born in 2019.

Lego has decided to phase out plastic bags

Lego has decided to switch single-use plastic bags they were using for loose bricks to recyclable, sustainably-sourced paper bags. The move is part of the toymaker’s mission to make all packaging sustainable by 2025.

Dublin became the World’s first capital city to have a zero-emissions postal service

And not just that, Ireland has been rolling out the same scheme across all of its cities across the country.

17-year-old girl pays for OAP stranger’s shopping

Grocery store employee Elizabeth Taylor was serving a senior shopper named Layne McKeel who realised he was $33 short for his $173 grocery bill. He offered to put some items back on the shelves, but young Elizabeth kindly paid for his whole shop instead.

A removals company in Canada donated its services to help victims of domestic abuse

Canadian removals company College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving completed over 100 free moves for those fleeing an unsafe situation in the U.S. and Canada.

Blue whale sightings

The critically endangered blue whale has been spotted in unprecedented numbers throughout Antarctica

A dad launched a ‘stick library’ in local park

When he noticed a distinct lack of good sticks in his local park, 59-year-old Andrew Taylor from Kaiapoi, New Zealand, chopped off excess from trees in his garden and created a ‘stick library’ for dogs. It is thought more than 50 dogs and their owners have enjoyed a game of fetch with the sticks!

Food stand owner donated his kidney to a customer

Skully White who owns Lully’s Food Experience in Montreal gave his kidney to long-time customer Tim Hiscock. Not only that, but he offered free food for life to any local that donates one too!

Captain Tom Moore raises millions for the NHS

I had to finish on one of the most well known feel-good stories of 2020. 99 year old war veteran Captain Tom Moore set out to raise £1000 for the NHS by walking laps up and down the outside of his care home, he wanted to do 100 laps for his upcoming birthday. Captain Moore surpassed his original target to raise a whopping £32.79 million! He was later knighted by the Queen.

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