Best Places to Travel in September for Sunshine

September might signal the end of summer but it doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to amazing weather. There are plenty of great places to travel to in September for sunshine and hopefully the options below will give you some food for thought…


Crete, Greece

September is the perfect time to visit Crete, Greece’s second most southerly and largest island. Due to its position in the Mediterranean, it is still lovely and warm in September and the sea remains warm enough to swim in, you also get to avoid the peak July/August crowds!

Crete is a big island with a glittering coastline, oodles of history and delicious local food. Dine out on delicious Cretan cheeses paired with regional wines as you take refuge from the midday sun, enjoy the Venetian streets of Chania or take a dip in the islet of Elafonisi to see those iconic pink and white sands.

Puglia, Italy

Puglia has become pretty popular in recent years and it can be hard to find anywhere to stay over the peak summer period so September is great alternative where you can enjoy everything you can in July and August except its cheaper and a little quieter.

Puglia is a great cycling spot with easy routes through olive groves, connecting traditional villages, trullis and churches. I would highly recommend taking a cycling trip around the coastline and leave lots of time to cool off by jumping into the Adriatic Sea and enjoying the beautiful beaches.

Bodrum, Turkey

Bodrum has long, hot summers so September is an amazing time to go if you want to get away to Europe for an autumn escape. Relaxation is definitely on the agenda here thanks to the turquoise coastline and ample places to lay back and soak up the sun.

September is great because you can explore some of the historical sites such as the Castle of the Knights of St. John, and the Marina with its old-world cobbled streets. The Marina is a great place to test out your bartering skills as you flit between the small tourist shops buying some typical Turkish produce.


Temperatures in Malta over September can be between 25-30 degrees still, with things calling down later in the month but remaining warm. There is a fair bit going on during the month such as Victory Day on 8th September which marks the end of the Great Siege of 1565, the revolt against the French in 1800, and the end of WWII, each year there is a regatta in Grand Harbour alongside local observances and fireworks.

On 21st September it’s independence day to celebrate its independence from Britain in 1964.

Take a day trip to Gozo Island, a short ferry ride away, where you will find an even more laid back way of life, crystal clear azures and plentiful beaches and coves. The Blue Grotto on the main island is another must and one of the most beautiful spots in Malta, whilst the Pop Eye Village is only 30 minutes drive away.

Sicily, Italy

Sicily is the hottest part of Italy, which may suit some, but not everyone is equipped to walk around historic Roman ruins in 40 degree heat so if that’s you that suffers, September will still be enjoyably warm but a little more comfortable.

Sicily holidays are for those who can appreciate rugged, dry landscapes dotted with olive trees and a beautiful coastline fringed with sandy beaches. Sicilians are immensely proud of their island for good reason, it is well-known for its fascinating history and unique culture, head to Taormina in the south if you want to stay at some of the best hotels and experience the warmest climate.

Indian Ocean

The Seychelles

The Seychelles in September is the ideal month for lying on the beach and enjoying the turquoise ocean water. Home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, the Seychelles boasts its dazzling white shorelines with vibrant coral reefs full of sea life.

September is mostly  dry in this island nation with a constant gentle breeze to keep you from getting too hot. Here you can find some of the most exclusive hotels in the world and thanks to the ending of European school holidays, hotel rates start to drop in September compared to earlier on in the summer.


September has the lowest rainfall of any month in Mauritius which means plenty of sunshine to enjoy long days on the beach. This time of year continues to favour the west and north of the island as they continue to be protected from the sometimes harsh winds that hit the east.

The island may be small in size but you can pack in a lot, from  the picture-postcard coastline to world-class golf courses, dolphin and whale watching to trying out Mauritian street food, and epic wildlife experiences to swimming in waterfalls.

South Pacific


September is one of the best times to Fiji for clear blue skies and sunshine, the dry season is cooler and less humid than the wet season so is a more popular time of the year to travel. The waters remain warm throughout September and offer the perfect conditions for swimming, snorkelling or diving.

Fiji offers a paradise of tucked-away beaches, prime snorkelling spots and authentic resorts. The country is undergoing rapid development thanks to tourism so now is the best time to visit, although privacy and that cast -away feel will always remain.

Bora Bora & Moorea

Humidity increases slightly but late September marks the spring equinox which causes sun’s rays to hit the islands’ lagoons at the perfect angle to bring out the vivid turquoise hues of the South Pacific Ocean.

September is the best month for snorkelling in French Polynesia despite the trade winds sometimes coming in. The best snorkelling spot in Moorea can be found at Sharks Sandbank in Tiahura where marine enthusiasts can swim with blacktip sharks and pink whiprays.



Normally I would tell someone to avoid the Caribbean in September due to it being hurricane season, but the island of Aruba is an exception due to its positioning outside the hurricane belt.

Aruba offers an idyllic island getaway and September is often one of the cheapest times to go due to the end of the school holidays in both Europe and the US. Incredible activities include deep-sea fishing, parasailing, snorkelling, scuba diving, cave tours, carnivals, beach days and so much more.


Californian Coast

September is one of the best months to visit California as the coastal fog that lingers throughout summer finally lifts and temperatures become more pleasant, the crowds are also less too.

September is also the best month to go wine tasting due to the grape harvest so spare a day to head into Napa Valley and enjoy some of California’s best wines.

Long beach days are still possible at this time of year and the sunsets are at their best. Labor Day is the first weekend of September so it’s probably best to skip this one out if you don’t like crowds, but if you don’t mind seeing big bunches of happy people partying and BBQing then make sure you don’t miss out!


Okavango Delta, Botswana

Botswana has some of the best wildlife viewing in the world and September is the best time to see this. September in the Okavango Delta is when water levels are at their highest which causes hoards of animals to flock to the region.

Days are sunny and warm whilst nighttime is much cooler, you can expect clear blue skies with bright sunshine and a dusty landscape as the rain becomes a distant memory.


September in Namibia is warm and sunny, albeit with chilly nights, it is also the best time for wildlife viewing. During this time there are limited water sources so the game gathers around the waterholes, making for great game viewing and easy wildlife finds.

Namibia boasts the world’s tallest sand dunes, the animals have adapted to the dry, arid desert making it a unique wildlife viewing experience. Once you are finished on your safari there are plenty of other activities such as quad biking to sandboarding.



The majority of south-east Asia is rainy in September but Bali is the exception due to its slightly more southern location. September is the best time to visit Bali as it is quieter than June-August and the weather is perfect for island-hopping, snorkelling, and chilling on the beach.

Bali is a small island packed with a lot of variation from sandy beaches to volcanic beaches, towering waterfalls to rice paddy fields, there is a great party scene but also plenty of places to chill out and unwind.


Whilst Borneo experiences rainfall year round (it is largely a rainforest after all!), September is one of the driest times to visit.

The best time to see orangutans in the wild in Borneo is September, while turtles can be seen on Lankayan Island between June and September. The island is home to picturesque beaches, diverse scenery and unique wildlife, visitors also have the opportunity to climb the iconic Mt Kinabalu and experience the remote Mari Mari Cultural Village.

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