5 Reasons To Book a Trip to the Seychelles

As close to paradise as you can get, the are so many reasons why the Seychelles should be the next trip you should book. Explore unique beaches before swimming side by side with turtles, an irresistible island escape awaits…

But why should you visit the Seychelles? There are places all around the world with pristine beaches, what makes the Seychelles so special?

Its unique

Did you know the Seychelles are the only granite islands in the world? Unlike most island nations, it’s not volcanic, nor is it coral like its neighbouring islands.

200 years ago, the land that is now the Seychelles was once part of one large supercontinent. Violent tectonic movements split the continent up and its remnants can be found all around the world. Water flooded the gaps as land masses moved apart which brought about the arrival of the Indian Ocean.

The Seychelles islands are rocky relics left behind by land mass that travelled much further. You won’t find anywhere else in the world quite like it.

The nature is out of this world

The Seychelles has been blessed by natural beauty and an abundance of wildlife.  The second largest island, Praslin, is the endemic home to the Coco de Mer. I would highly recommend a visit to the Vallée de Mai, the specific home of this ginormous nut, and a beautiful palm forest.

The Aldara Atoll has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its incredible wild nature. Thanks to the natural isolation of these islands, they have been largely protected from humans. Local wildlife and nature has thrived here for centuries and if you are lucky enough to visit, you can see endangered green and hawksbill turtles as well as over 152,000 giant tortoises.

However, if you can’t get to the hard to reach Aldara Atoll, you can find over 50 giant tortoises in the Sainte Anne Marine Park which is a popular day trip from Mahé Island. Moyenne Island, located within the marine park is the world’s smallest national park.

Bought by Brendon Grimshaw in the 1980s, this small island has been preserved for decades. Able to be enjoyed by humans but not developed, Moyenne Island has become a safe haven for nature as it has been left completely as found, with paradisical white sand and granite boulders shaded by ancient tropical forest.

You won’t get bored

A tropical island with activities, that’s exactly what the Seychelles offers. There is plenty of time available to relax on the beach but if days on the sand aren’t your cup of tea then don’t worry, there’s a tone of activities in the Seychelles to take part in.

Don’t miss out on a boat trip to the St Anne Marine Park, this is an absolute must when staying in Mahé. Take a boat out to the three islands where you can spend some time snorkelling with the sea life. Explore Moyenne Island, learning about its incredible history and spotting wild tortoises along the way. You won’t go hungry, enjoy a typical Creole BBQ in the beachside restaurant that overlooks the bright turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean.

Explore the lesser known islands of Curieuse, St. Pierre & La Farine on an all inclusive snorkelling day trip from Praslin. In between snorkelling visitors can take selfies with giant turtles, and enjoy local BBQ food within incredible natural scenery.

Ever been on a submarine? I’m guessing not, so why not try something new with a submarine trip from Mahé. Explore the underwater world of St. Anne National Marine Park, a great way to spot marine life if you don’t actually want to get wet!

Other activities include sunset cruises, glass bottom boat trips, island hopping day trips, Mahé island tours, the Vallee de Mai to spot the Coco de Mer, and the Takamaka Rum Distillery is not to be missed!

 Easy island hopping

The Seychelles is home to 115 incredible islands so makes the perfect island hopping holiday. Some islands are much easier to get to with a simple ferry or short flight from Mahé, whilst others are hundreds of miles away and hard to reach (but that means the islands are even more beautiful, if that’s possible).

The most popular islands are Mahé (the largest and home to the international airport), Praslin, the second largest island, and La Digue, home to the world’s most beautiful beach. Other islands you can visit include Denis Island which offers a true castaway feel, North Island which is one of the most exclusive islands in the world, and Felicité which is another absolute beauty home to an epic 5* hotel.

The most convenient options for island hopping in the Seychelles are between are the inner islands such as Silhouette, Mahe, Praslin, Felicité and La Digue, as well as their smaller neighbours Round Island and Cerf Island.

If you want to combine a lot of islands within a week or two then I would highly advise a sailing holiday around the Seychelles.

The beautiful Creole culture

90% of the population of the Seychelles are of Creole descent which has brought an incredible culture to the island filled with a beautiful language, delicious foods and traditional customs.

The Seychelles is a harmonious blend of different cultures. mixing all religions, nationalities and ethnicities with no problem. The stand out and most dominant culture is Creole and this is the language most of the locals speak.

The Creole Language is an adaptation of 17th Century French with strong influences from other African languages. If you are interested in learning all about the Creole culture I would highly recommend visiting during the annual Kreol Festival in October. The Kreol Festival is a beautiful manifestation of Seychellois and Creole identity celebrated through music, dance, arts, crafts and cuisine.

Learn more about the Seychelles here.

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