Eco-Friendly Travel: The Most Sustainable Hotels in the UK

The good news? Sustainable travel is becoming more and more popular, with hotels scrambling to increase their sustainability to entice new guests. The bad news? Well, it will cost a little more, sustainability always does, but it’s worth it. The list of sustainable hotels in the UK is getting pleasantly longer, and below are some of my recommendations for an eco-friendly stay in Great Britain.

The Wild Rabbit, Cotswolds

Located in the quiet village of Kingham, the Wild Rabbit is part of the Daylesford Estate, one of the most sustainable organic farms in the UK.

This luxury Cotswold hotel works with responsible waste contractors to avoid adding to landfill, the buildings are powered by 100% renewable, zero-carbon energy, and now single-use plastics are being phased out.

Laundry is processed locally in a 100% renewable energy-powered facility, and all guests are encouraged to re-use towels and switch off lights and devices where possible.

The English Countryside is at the heart of the Wild Rabbit and guests can spend their time walking along one of the many trails, watching birds dart in and out of hedgerows on a spring morning. Guests can also access bikes if they would like to go a little further and explore some other villages, perhaps stop off at a cosy pub for a bite to eat.

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Nestling Cottage, a four bedroom cottage situated in Kingham village, part of the Wild Rabbit Hotel in the Cotswolds
Nestling Cottage, a four bedroom cottage situated in Kingham village

The Scarlet, Cornwall

A beautiful eco-escape on the Cornish Coast, the Scarlet takes sustainability seriously.

During the construction fo the hotel, designers and builders re-used as much as possible, including old coastal erosion barriers that are now used as wooden posts in the gardens. 

The core materials used in its building such as its wooden frame and copper cladding, can all be recycled if the hotel was ever to be deconstructed. Air conditioning is not used in the property, instead, guests are encouraged to enjoy the Atlantic breeze, particularly breezy in December!

Electricity is taken from suppliers who use 100% renewable energy, and the low-energy LED lighting turns off automatically when no one is around. Even the indoor pool uses solar power to keep warm, and yes, it continues to work even in the winter.

None of these practices take away from the guest experience, in fact, many repeat visitors return because they appreciate the dedication to protecting the local environment. Aside from all of this, the Scarlet is a stunning five star hotel on a rugged cliff top, designed for the enjoyment of adults only.

The Victoria, Norfolk

Located on the impressive Holkham Estate in Norfolk, the Victoria is a beautiful hotel just a stone’s throw from Holkham Beach and Holkham Park. 20 individually designed rooms spread across two historical buildings, with dogs welcome too!

The hotel puts in a huge amount of effort to remain sustainable and for many years the team have been investing in renewable energy projects, tree planting initiatives, electric vehicles and machinery, as well as developing increasingly sustainable farming practices.

The sustainability strategy at the Victoria has been named ‘WONDER’, it aims to champion low carbon living whilst embarking on pioneering environmental projects.

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The Victoria on the Holkham Estate is one of the most environmentally conscious hotels in the UK

Eagle Brae, Scottish Highlands

Eagle Brae is the peaceful escape everyone deserves. Luxury accommodation spread across a number of beautiful log cabins, Eagle Brae is nestle on a Scottish hillside, surrounded by breathtaking scenery and untamed wildlife. Scotland has its fair share of sustainable hotels, and Eagle Brae is a worthy one to add to the list.

Eagle Brae is proud to offer carbon neutral holidays to those wanting to keep their footprint small. The cabins are completely self-sufficient in all their utility and energy needs with a micro-hydro scheme to provide electricity and hot water. Biomass wood-pellet burners provide underfloor heating, keeping guests toasty even in the harshest depths of winter. 

All water is sourced from a natural, sustainable underground supply which is treated on-site and gravity fed to all cabins. The cabins themselves are constructed with renewable materials, using the best western red cedar logs to provide a solid and environmentally friendly structure. The turf roofs absorb carbon whilst providing excellent insulation to save energy, it also replaces the natural footprint of the cabin, encouraging the growth of wildlife-friendly grass and wild flowers.

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One of the log cabins at Eagle Brae, a beautiful carbon neutral holiday location in the Scottish Highlands
Overlooking Eagle Brae

Treehouse Hotel, London

I imagine London isn’t the first place you think of when planning an eco-friendly holiday in the UK, but you would be surprised on what the city can offer.

The Treehouse in Marylebone uses recycled and reclaimed design elements across the hotel, as well as a strict recycling and composting scheme. Single-use plastics are limited and the biophilic wall on top floor contains live plants, thus improving air quality and producing oxygen.

Guests are encouraged to walk, and are offered the use of bikes throughout their stay to explore the city with a limited carbon footprint.

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The Treehouse is a sustainable hotel in London with beautiful decor, high quality eateries, and amazing views of the city

Crashpad Lodges, Wales

Hidden in the foothills of Mt Snowdon (Yr Wyddfa), Crashpad Lodges is an off-grid, self-catering accommodation using renewable energy sourced from the surrounding mountains and lakes.

The lodges serve as a guilt-free getaway to some of Britain’s most beautiful landscapes. Each private accommodation sleeps up to 4 guests in one bedroom, with a cosy lounge area, and a private kitchen and bathroom located through a short walkway.

Only locals tradesmen and staff are employed at the Crashpad Lodges, this is so the accommodation provider can continue giving back to the local community as much as possible. A state-of-the-art off-grid energy system has been installed, this includes solar panels on the roof, a weather station and a water pump also powered with solar panels.

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The Traddock, Yorkshire Dales

Surrounded by miles of picturesque scenery, the Traddock Hotel near Settle is a dog friendly country house hotel with 14 period rooms.

Since 2002, the owners have been focussing on reducing their carbon footprint as much as possible, understanding the importance of protecting the environment for generations to come.

Guests are encouraged to spend their time enjoying the beautiful country walks rather than driving their cars through the countryside. 

All cardboard and paper is recycled and donated to the swimming pool fund, kitchen oil is recycled into Bio-diesel, funds are donated to woodland restoration projects, ink cartridges donated to charity, and only environmentally friendly cleaning products are used.

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The Traddock Hotel from the Lower Lawn

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