About Me


I always find these descriptions a little awkward.. My name is Hannah, I am 27, married, I love to travel, love food, and take photos of everything.

I have always worked in the travel industry, starting out at a luxury African Safari company, I picked up the phone and made pretty travel itineraries. I then became a sales person for a worldwide tour operator. The latter messed with my confidence and self belief so I quit with nothing else to go to.

I created my own company, InstaBritain, through the success of my (other) Instagram account. I now manage social media accounts for travel brands, I love it, and my husband has been the best support.

My life now includes working from home, drinking lots of tea, and travelling around Britain as much as I can. A few times a year I get to go abroad. This has given me time to myself, but also time away with my husband, family and my friends, I am in a much happier place now.

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