Christmas In London


 There are some cities that do Christmas brilliantly, and London is one of them. Whilst we might not have the snowy scenes of New York, in 2017 London did actually fall under a blanket of snow for a day or two!

No matter where you turn there are decorations, and each year the shops and businesses seem to be trying harder and harder. At a time when the weather is fairly bleak and there is not a sniff of a flower bed, these Christmas displays really add some festive cheer into the days of everyday Londoners and their visitors.

Festive Restaurants:

One of our first stops was The Ivy, Soho, a restaurant chain that has become extremely well known for its seasonal decor, and with good reason too! Not only was it a bauble haven, but customers could still opt to sit outside as cosy blankets are provided and heaters!

Fancy some cake? We have to admit, whilst the cake does taste great, it doesn’t quite live up to the hype. But if you want to immerse yourself in the spirit of Christmas whilst treating yourself to a post of tea and a slice of Victoria Sponge, the decor at Peggy Porschen between Victoria and Sloane Square is hard to beat…

DSC07981.jpgIce Rinks:

What’s a Christmas without ice skating? Lucky for us London offers a host of ice rinks, from Canary Wharf, to the Tower of London, to Hyde Park! But my favourites were Somerset House and the Natural History Museum, as in my opinion, they have the most impressive backdrops.

Built originally as a Tudor Palace, Somerset House is tucked between the Strand and the banks of the River Thames. The skate rink has now been here a number of years, once overlooked by a huge Tiffany & Co Christmas tree, the sponsorship has now been taken over by Fortnum and Masons!

The ice rink at the Natural History Museum has an equally impressive view, and as brilliant as the view is, the Hotel Chocolat rink-side hot chocolate might be even better!

Covent Garden:

Covent Garden is a great spot to visit no matter what time of year, but it is even more magical during December!


London is home to some of the best hotels in the world, as are their Christmas decorations. i start with the Rosewood in Holborn, mainly because this is a little gem you will only notice if you turn your head at the right moment!

Next stop, Claridges, located just off Bond Street, Claridges is one of the most well known hotels in London, and so is their Christmas tree. Unfortunately for me I apparently looked like too much of a ruffian to be able to go into the hotel and take a photo, so I just took a shot of their fabulous display outside!


The Savoy also wasn’t missing out on the opportunity to get festive!

All in all, Christmas is a brilliant time to visit London. Yes it might be a little cold but its better than arriving in May expecting warm sunshine and blue sky, because that won’t be guaranteed. What December does guarantee is Christmas trees, pretty lights, Christmas songs and waking up feeling jolly!

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