By The Sea Lightroom Presets




These ‘By The Sea’ presets have been inspired by destinations I have visited since I gained an interest in photography. There is a big variation between destinations from England to Queensland and the Norwegian Fjords to breakfast by the beach, the pack contains a mix between tropical, rugged and places you may even need to wear a coat…

Each preset has been created based on photos taken on my Sony a6000 camera. It is important to note that each camera whether it be a Sony, Nikon, Canon, iPhone etc will all produce different images with different colour balances, the lighting conditions are also always changing and my aperture and iso settings may be different to yours. Because of this, presets can look different on each photo. To save creating hundreds of presets based on hundreds of different lighting scenarios, it is easier to create 10, these can then be tweaked using the sliders on your Lightroom settings.

Tip: It is likely that the exposure will be different for each photo. Don’t panic if you apply a preset and it seems over or underexposed, just adjust your exposure up or down and this should solve the problem. Feel free to contact me on hannah@instabritain if you need any help.

How to install: Upon payment, you will receive a download link on the order confirmation page. Click the download link and you will receive a zip file. Open the zip file in your finder by double tapping, open Lightroom, click ‘file’ and choose the ‘import profiles & presets’ option, this will open your files, search for the correct folder you just unzipped, open it up and select all the files, click ‘import’ and you will now find your presets in your preset section!


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