Halloween In London

Whilst the origins of Halloween can be found in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, the UK generally is not on the same level as the US when it comes to celebrating Halloween. However, in the last few years more and more people have been celebrating and decorating their houses…

Things started out pretty tame on Hillgate Place, a cute and colourful street tucked away behind Notting Hill Tube Station.

Things certainly got spookier as the day went on, we found displays in Clerkenwell and Bloomsbury as well as in Notting Hill.

Then there were the families who went all out, although if I was 8 years old I would probably be a little too scared to trick or treat at these houses.

So that is Halloween over for 2017, I wonder what displays 2018 will bring, will another neighbourhood take Notting Hill’s crown?

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  • Catherine says:

    Thank you, this was fun to read!